Monday, March 7, 2011

The Burrito Challenge

It is March, I am going to Miami in less than a month, will be spending a big part of my summer on the beach in Fire Island and like always have eaten like a pig, drank like a fish all winter long and for the first time in a long time have not made the gym a priority.  Instead I have been focused on other things like watching Californication and Improv.   I recently decided enough is enough, I am going to get back on track and get in shape again!  Too much going on to let it all go.   But alas I heard a competition calling and I needed to participate.  My co-workers made a statement that Chipotle Burritos are so big how do people eat them.  Of course I had to butt in and say no they arent.  I could probably eat 2 (when will i ever learn to just keep quiet).   From there my co-workers challenged me to prove it to them and I said sure, no problem. I do not let people challenge me and then back down.  If I say I am going to do something, I am. Why can't I just be normal and say, yes the burritos are so big, it is so gross to eat so much food.  Nope, gotta act all big and bad.   From that tiny statement, it has now turned into a floor wide event with another person also participating.  Granted this dude is probably 6 foot tall and has at least 50 lbs on me.  Many people have tried to give me advice on how to do it. I am torn.  There are some days I do have a huge appetite and can eat a gross amount of food, but that is usually when I am drunk or hungover.  Most of the time when I eat I get sick afterwards.  I am very worried what will happen on Wednesday at noon in the 4th floor conference room.  Do I show up to work hungover in the hopes of it helping me scarf down my two burritos or do I do the challenge RAW?  Raw like the RorDAWG!  I guess healthy March will start after Wednesday!

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Nina said...

I think hungover..its safer you dont wanna get all gassy and crampy...and you dont want to let your future husband eater X down