Tuesday, March 29, 2011

I am Gonna Sit at The Counter

Do I believe in love at first sight?  I don't really know because stuff like that is way too deep for me.  Do I believe in lust at first sight?  Yes!  I am in LUST.  With what you might be asking??? A hot Yankees fan.  Nope!  Charlie Sheen.  Yes!   The Counter a new burger chain in Times Square.  YES! Yes!! YES!!!
A few weeks ago one of my Mediavest Ad Agency friends told me about The Counter and how awesome it was.  I think the topic came up because I told her about my love of sauces.  She mentioned that you can create your own burgers there from lots of different varieties and add any type of sauce you could imagine.  Wow, sauces galore. I was in!!  A few days later we planned a lunch with her team.
The second I walked in I could tell this place was going to be great and the lovely gay couple next to me talking about doing each other because they were bored only added to the ambiance!!!
To start everyone is given a sheet of paper and pencil where they can fill out what they want for their custom burger.  You pick the meat, cheese, bread, (or no bread and make it a salad), toppings and ... wait of it...SAUCE!
I went with a amazingly fantastic pick.  I got a veggie burger with grilled pineapple, craisins, lettuce and carrots.  For my sauce pick, well I couldnt just pick one, so I picked two and alternated my dips.  I went with the apricot sauce and the honey mustard.  Both were delish!!!!  Others that stood out to me were the Basil Pesto (duh, never met a Pesto I didnt like) and the Peanut Sauce (same could prob be said for Peanut Sauce).  From the pictures posted I think you can tell just how delicious it was.  I can firmly say it was one of the best veggie burgers I ever had in my life.  I know I need to go back and try the beef too.  If they can make a veggie burger that fab, I can only imagine what they can do to a cow.  Moo Moo!
The Counter also has great side dishes/appetizers.  We went with the sweet potato fries which are always a hit and the fried pickles.  Amazing!!!!!
What is great about this place is that you can have fun and order fun stuff and stay kinda healthy if you don't go crazy with the fried stuff and stick with the veggies and salads.  
According to their website they have a lot of locations on the West Coast.  I hope they expand and open up more in NYC so I can sit at Counters beyond Times Square!

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