Wednesday, March 9, 2011


Wow, that was way easier than I expected it to be.  I finished 2 Chipotle burritos in under 15 minutes and am really not even that full.  I went with one steak burrito and one chicken burrito. I def liked the steak one better.  Truthfully I found the chicken a bit gross, I am just such a picky chicken eater.  I went steak first and it was no problem.  It was delicious and went down easily.  The chicken was a bit harder, not because I was full, because I just didn't like the quality of the chicken.  Everyone in the office was quite impressed with how easily I did it.  The other person participating also finished his easily but as one of my co-workers said it isn't as impressive to see a big dude eat 2 burritos, it is cool that you can do it.  DUH Winning!!!!
My pre-eating technique was drinking the night before and not eating a huge dinner then only having a granola bar for breakfast.   I am going to skip dinner tonight but have a feeling I might be hungry again soon.  I am pretty gross.  Healthy Rori starts RIGHT NOW!!!!!!!!!!!  I was thinking of giving up candy for Lent but then realized I am a Jew and then also realized I didn't want the Taste D/candy store to go out of business because I am celebrating a holiday that isn't even mine.


julie said...

does it say "ROI" on your burritos? just wondering. love the blog! :)


I like your blog, try to follow your blog.

My name is Ron.

good job