Monday, September 29, 2008

Rosh Hashanah - RorDawg Style

Happy New Year! I am skipping any religious celebrations this year to honor the opening of Religulous. I kinda hate Bill Maher lately but tend to agree on his stance on religion so I hope to see this movie. I am sure I will enjoy it and find it rather funny.

Anyway if you are a bi coastal orphan like me and do not have any family home cooking here is a list of places I think would be great for a Rosh Hashanah food (at least what I will be eating).

I present to you Rosh Hashanah - The RorDawg Chronicles......

1) P.F. Chang's - I mean you are a Jew so you probably like Chinese food. This is where my family held their mock Rosh dinner and it was delicious. Who needs brisket when you can have Mongolian Beef.

2) Tasti D Lite - Perhaps you are busy, realized you have no food in your apt and are leaving for LA the next morning. Maybe you are lazy and want to just grab something to eat while you watch Chucky Bass on Gossip Girl. Tasti D Lite is the perfect solution, delicious and kosher!

3) In N Out Burger - When in LA!!!!! I figure it will be a nice treat for my Rosh Hashanah lunch.

4) Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf - What a Rosh breakfast treat. Instead of apples and honey, I am having a Caramel Ice Blended!!!

5) STK - You think grandma makes you feel like a superstar, forget it!!! I am going to STK in LA (2 locations so it is a chain) where the paparazzi will be outside taking pictures of me thinking I am Meadow Soprano or Chuy.

6) Jerry's Famous Deli - These are all over South Florida and LA. I figure I might as well have one Jew meal during the holidays so it will probably be here.

Happy New Year!

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Brian said...

May I suggest Canter's deli on Fairfax in LA? Yes, there's only one in SoCal, but they have a takeout joint at Treasure Island on the glorious Las Vegas Strip. So that counts as a chain, right?

It's LA's answer to Katz's on Houston and Ludlow in NYC and the famous delis all around midtown.