Monday, September 22, 2008

Rise, Shine and Have Some Chain Food

This is a topic I have never touched upon before. I realized I never wrote about the most important meal of the day......breakfast. I love breakfast! Last night I was in bed and all I could think about was French Toast Sticks. Breakfast is probably the one meal where I like most options on the menu. I think one of the greatest indulgences around is the breakfast options at fast food chains. McDonalds and Burger King have amazing breakfasts. When I was a freshman in college before I would go to my Hip Hop Dance class I would stop in McDonald's on Comm Ave to get a McDonalds breakfast. It was my treat for working so hard in Hip Hop.

Here is my list of my favorite breakfast items at Burger King and McDonalds.

1) McDonald's Hash Brown. Those ovals are heaven in a paper wrapping. Add some salt and pepper and you have perfection.

2) Burger King French Toast Sticks. These sticks are just right. Crispy on the outside, warm and eggy on the inside. Dip them in syrup and you got your self a pretty sweet meal.

3) Burget King Croissantwich. What a great idea, eggs, bacon and a croissant. I must have one of these sometime soon again.

4) McDonald's Bacon and Egg Biscuit. Notice I do not put cheese because I do not like cheese on my eggs. Also if you order it this way, you know it is fresh because they have to make it special for you. Everyone likes something special, right?

5) McDonald's pancakes, or as they call them, Hotcakes. These things are awesome. Light, fluffy and served in that awesome Styrofoam plate. These remind me of being a kid. I guess I ate them a lot as a kid.

I have to admit that I have never tried a McGriddle. I always wanted to but never got around to it. I think this posting has inspired me to go try one. Perhaps tomorrow morning???


Cousin said...

Fast Food breakfast is delicious but the BK Croisanwich is absolutely disgusting. I would actually venture to say that their entire breakfast menu is awful. I was raised on McD's. I used to get just bacon on a biscuit. No egg. No cheese. No nutritional value whatsoever. Just greasy buttery deliciousness! It was the best way to cap off an all-nighter in college. If the McDonald's people were smart, they'd make their late-night menu a combination of breakfast and dinner options. Sometime I'm drunk at 3 AM and wanting one of the hashbrowns or biscuits

Paul T. said...

Those McDonald's hashbrowns are the absolute best breakfast food in the world. Even when I order a breakfast "meal-deal" that comes with hashbrowns, I still order at least one or two more hashbrowns on the side.

As for the main, I'm an old-school Egg McMuffin fan. Just love 'em. When I take an early morning flight out of JFK or LaGuardia (which is the only time I'm really ever up in time to get fast food breakfast) I look forward to my Egg McMuffin and hashbrowns the entire ride to the airport. I can't wait to get past security, just so I can get my grub on.

Nina said...

i think i had my first and nly fast food breakfast with you at that comm ave location

greesy friend potato patties are always good..kinda like latkas

Rori said...

Yes Nini, I did drag you to that McDonald's to show you how wonderful a fast food breakfast can be.

Jordan said...

you are one sick puppy, and i love you. i am a big fan of egg & cheese on a croissant from dunkies. curiously, you did not mention dunkies, yet you go there
1-2x per day.