Wednesday, September 17, 2008

The Economy is Rough, Chain It Up

Anyone who works around midtown has to notice the somber mood around town. It was sad to see all those cute Lehman Brother boys carrying their boxes out on Monday. There was a time when I was so jealous of bankers. I was intrigued and jealous of their big bonuses around Christmas time. The most I ever got was a gift certificate to Bloomingdale's. I thought hmm maybe I should go back to school and get into finance, but alas I have adult onset ADD and there is no way I could ever take the GMATs or GRESs So instead, I blog about chain restaurants.

Anyway I thought I would use this posting as a guide to some of the best chain restaurant deals around. With this tough economy, we could all use a good food deal.

1) Olive Garden all you can eat soup, salad and breadsticks. For around ten bucks you can eat all you want. I went once and found it very tasty and for ten bucks, what else could you want!

2) Applebee's now also has an all you can eat option. They are offering all you can eat chicken fingers, riblet basket or fried shrimp. This offer is only available in the burbs. From $9.95 - $13.95 you can have all the chicken fingers, riblets or shrimp you could want. You are only allowed one but you can mix and match with your friends. I called and asked. No question about which one I would pick. Chicken fingers, ching-ching! I might go and practice for my chicken fingers competitive eating competition.

3) McDonald's Dollar Menu. So you are not a millionaire anymore, you can still be a Dollar Menunaire. I mean for 3 bucks you can get a double cheeseburger, fries and a coke. Now that is a deal.

4) Wendy's 99cent Menu. This is my favorite value menu. No doubt for 3 bucks you can get a 5 piece chicken nugget with sweet and sour sauce, a yummy baked potato and a diet coke. What a feast!

5) McCormick & Schmick's $1.95 Bar menu. Put down your $15 cosmo at the rooftop bar and head over to McCormick & Schmicks to indulge on their $1.95 Happy Hour bar menu. Highlights include Cheeseburgers, Fish Tacos, Chicken Wings and Steamed Mussels.

So let the European tourists drink $5.00 coffees and $6.00 smoothies. Us tough New Yorkers will get through these hard times with my helpful guide!


Paul T. said...

Ooh! The Applebees deal sounds incredible. I'll have to come up with an excuse to see my folks on the Island soon. I could go to town on all you can eat fingers...also on my list of competitive eating competitions. (though I must say I'm not kidding, I wanted to join the IFOCE (International Federation of Competitive Eating) but Nadine wouldn't let me...ah, the things you give up when you get married. I would HOUSE those big guys!) ps. I had "The Baconator" at Wendy's the other day. REALLY good. AND, the workers there were by far the best of fast food joints, i.e. not trying to advance their singing careers behind the fryolater or participating in other annoying shenanigans when I just want my onion rings.

Holly Pinafore said...

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