Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Lots of Big News

There is lots of big news going on in the chain world lately. The first is that Bennigans is going to be closing its doors. I was never a huge fan of Bennigans but I still am kind of sad. This was pretty much one of the only chain restaurants in Rockland before the opening of the big mall. I have many high school and middle school memories of this place. So many friends birthday dinners were held here. Actually I think I went on a date here once and obvi ordered chicken fingers. Pretty funny. I remember when I got older Bennigans was one of those places you could go and drink underage. I do not think I did that much there though. Anyway, it is sad but I am not surprised. They were totally eclipsed by more progressive chains.

In other news, a Qdoba opened in midtown. I love Qdoba so I am really excited. I can not wait for that random Friday to go and get a Pesto Burrito with some co-workers. Yesterday when I walked by the line was out the door and every single person in the line was a dude. Crazy!


Nina said...

Qudoba ROCKS

Austin Chu said...

I work for a company that manages and tracks gift cards, and I've been following retailers filing for bankruptcy on Ponderosa and Bonanza are still accepting Metromedia gift cards. I'm not sure about franchise owned Bennigans's. My advice? Go spend your gift cards, we simply do not know how long they will be accepting them. Don't forget The Sharper Image incident: $25m in unused gift cards.

-Also, you can file a claim. Call this number for more details: 1-800-727-8355 and press 2

Brian said...

Rori, your blog has become so popular that marketing gurus are promoting their causes on your site!

Rori said...

Brian you can say you knew me when.