Saturday, July 26, 2008

A Not So Plain Jane in Spain

The chains of Spain fall mainly on the ....well everywhere really.

I am back from my 10 glorious days of Spanish travel. I have to say it was really the best vacation of my life. I saw and did so much. While I was taking in all the sites I made sure to also pay attention to all the chains around me. This posting is going to focus on all the American chains I saw in Spain and there were many! Most of the chains I saw were more fast food chains, not casual dining ones that I love so much. The only casual restaurants I saw were Friday's in Madrid and Hard Rock Cafe in Barcelona. Every city I traveled to had a Starbucks. It was nuts. It was just like NY, one on every other block it felt like. Of all the iced coffee I sampled, this was the best. They also had good yogurt and muffins which was nice when you wanted something other than a croissant. Yeah, no bagels in Spain, kinda annoying. Now when I came across a sign that said Dunkin Coffee (yes, it is called Dunkin Coffee, not Dunkin Donuts, how cool is that), I thought the heavens parted. I could not believe it. I would be able to get my Iced French Vanilla Coffee. Anyway, I tried the iced coffee and it was gross. They made it hot and just poured it over ice. I could not even drink it. I was so sad that I had to ease my sorrows on a few glasses of Cava. I also tried a Juan Valdez iced coffee and that too was very gross and had to be thrown away. Thank god for Coca Cola Lite, it was the only way I could get my caffeine fix.
Now, what I do in every foreign land is sample the McDonald's. I do not know how this tradition started but it is a very fun one. I LOVED the McDonald's in Spain. The chicken nuggies were fab, better than the US and the fries were just right. They also had a curry dipping sauce which is tons of fun.
Maoz, a falafel chain was found in Barcelona. I actually never had it in NY and was kinda hungry after shopping all day so I decided to try it. I heard such terrific things about it and have to agree, it was delicious. One of the best meals I had in Spain. The hummus and pita sandwich was amazing. I am def going to start going to the one in NY. I wish they would open one in my office.

Other chains I saw were Subway, Burger King, Pizza Hut and KFC.

Anyway I tried to take lots of pictures so enjoy!


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Nina said...

The McDonalds taste test started in London in 2004...we probably went to Wagamama and were starving because that place sucks and there was a Mcdonalds next to our hotel..i remember it being delicious....

I love that Dunkin Donuts is dunkin they sell Donuts there?