Tuesday, June 10, 2008

I Lost My Rack

I have to thank my hetero lifemate Nina for this shocking, yet kind of exciting news. Back when we were young sophomores at BU we frequented a bar in Faneuil Hall at least once a week called the Rack. At the time it was one of the "trendiest" bars in Boston. It totally was not a college bar with dollar beers and boys in Red Sox hats that I eventually learned to love Junior year. Instead this was a bar with dudes in suits and cougars looking for their mate. They also had a huge outdoor seating portion and pool tables everywhere. For some reason Nina and I just loved it here. Maybe it was because they let us in with our fake IDs and they played awesome music. There are so many wonderful and funny memories I have of this bar but my favorite is definitely the night we were on Wild On E. No, I did not know anything shocking, I was just standing in the background sipping my Stoli Raz and Sprite but I still made it on TV.

Sadly this bar closed a few years ago so BU kids that are there now will never no the wonders of The Rack. Now, why is this posting on chainoffood? Good question because The Rack is now a Hard Rock Cafe. Can you believe it, one of my favorite bars is now a chain restaurant. What are the odds of that? I actually really like Hard Rock Cafe and think Faneuil Hall is the perfect location for one. I was just at the one in Times Square and was very impressed. I mean if you really like music the place is a great museum. I think seeing the sequin bra Madonna wore in 1989 is pretty cool . Next time I am in Boston, which I hope is soon, I will definitely have to stop by here and check out the new Hard Rock.


Rikin said...

I knew I saw you somewhere...it must have been on E!

Brian said...

Funny that you reported on the closing of The Rack today, just a day after Bill Simmons wrote of the "upscaling" of Boston (http://sports.espn.go.com/espn/page2/story?page=simmons/080609).

Nina said...

I'm like really upset....many fun time had there..and now it is a cheesy chain...(Sigh)