Tuesday, July 17, 2007

That Special Day Is One Day Away

One more day until one of the greatest days of the year, Joe Torre's birthday, oh and mine of course. This special day brings a huge debate to the table, what chain to I go to for my birthday lunch? This might be more simple if I lived in a suburb and had the luxury of almost every chain at my fingertips. Instead, I am stuck on Manhattan Island and must chose from what is offered here. What I am asking for is your help, my loyal readers, in choosing where I dine on the day I officially become kind of old.

Here is a list, in no specific order, of what the island of Manhattan has to offer me on my birthday.

1) California Pizza Kitchen ( I like it a lot)

2) Del Friscos (Can I handle a big steak for lunch, probably)

3) Capital Grill (Always a soft spot in my heart)

4) Apple Bee's (Two things to celebrate, being bought by IHOP and my Bday)

5) Red Lobster (The birth of me and the birth of the blog)

6) Bubba Gump (Been there, done that)

7) Ted's Montana Grill (Been there, done that, but would do it again)

8) McDonald's (Oh what a treat it would be, my favorite restaurant)

9) Wendy's (Very convenient, in my building and all)

10) Carmine's (We all know it is a chain now)

11) Nobu (OMG such a chain)

12) Heartland Brewery (No way jose)

13) McCormick & Schmicks (eh, rather go to Red Lobster)

14) Morton's (Never been, could be nice to try it)

15) Ruth Chris Steak House (Same as Morton's)

16) Pizzera Uno

17) Rosa Mexicana (I would usually pull for this but I am having Mexican for dinner)

18) Houston's (Almost forgot about that one, hmm that is a good one)

I will just put 18 up, for good luck!


Nina said...

I think steak is the perfect thing to absorb all of the grain alcohol you will be drinking at Rio

so my picks are as follows
1)Mortons ( this is also good research for the blog)
2)Capital Grille ( because its just so damn good)
3)Del Frisco's ( its close to your office and you love it)
4)Red Lobster ( only if you steal me a cheesy buscuit)
5)Houstons- a burger might eb as good as a steak

I would stay away from McDonals and Uno's because you want to be able to make it to you party

I will take you to CPK its like 25 steps from your apt

Happy Birthday Lova

Nina said...

Also I think a great birthday present from the Post would be to post the blog on their Website

Nina said...

Also Ruth Chris...thats tied with Morton's..perhaps you will find Andy Roddicl or Pete Sampras there

food snob said...

I hate decisions and I will eat anything. I've never been to Mortons or Capital Grille so I guess I vote for those. When is this blog going to be on nypost.com so I don't have to login to google anymore.

Jordan said...

oh, old girl, what about Smith& Wollensky? i thought we discussed this! p.s. i owe you a Chain Food lunch, due to the bet i lost b/c i did not know that Grand Luxe was in Garden City, NY, where i grew up. Happy Bday Bloggah.

Jordan said...

sorry i meant Chain Food Dinner!

Andrew said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY! I vote for Red Lobster...for the seafood lover in you.