Tuesday, July 3, 2007

Nobu - OMG You Are Such A Chain

Really Nobu, who are you fooling, you are a such a chain. Now in almost every city you go you can find a Nobu. I think you were much cooler when you had one location in Tribeca and you had to know some secret number to call and actually get a reservation for 5:30pm on a Monday night. Besides opening a mid-town location to cater to business people like myself, you are also open in Mykonnos (FYI - I totally love Greece so I don't blame Mr. DeNiro for opening one there, I mean any excuse to go to Mykonnos makes sense). Other cities you are chaining yourself to include London, Dallas (umm really, if I go to Dallas I want Tex-Mex or BBQ not Tempura), Miami, Las Vegas (Ok, everything is in Vegas so that is fine), LA (3 locations), Honolulu, Milan (what, why would you eat Sushi in Italy), Melbourne, Hong Kong and by far my favorite Tokyo (give me a break).

Anyway this shows that really Nobu you are no better than P.F. Changs. At least they have killer Lettuce Wraps there, and not just Chicken Terriyaki that is still on the bone. Ok fine, your Rock Shrimp Tempura is amazing, I will give you that.

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Nina said...

NOBU is totally a chain. Its' pretty good but I dont think work the money.. I like Haru better