Wednesday, July 11, 2007

It's Hot in NY & I Need Ice Cream

Of course I do not really eat ice cream, I mean what NY girl really does. Ha, we all go and love Tasti D Lite. Tasti D Lite is really a NY institution. It might be one of my top 5 things I love about NY. For those of you who do not know Tasti D Lite is a low calorie (so they say), low fat frozen dessert. It is kind of like frozen yogurt, but I think better. You might remember it from a Sex and the City episode when my hero Charlotte was eating it while walking down the street with Harry. Anyway, what is so great about Tasti D Lite is all the flavors they offer. Of course they have the standard Vanilla and Chocolate but they also have just about every kind of dessert taste you can imagine. There are too many to list so I will just tell you my favorites. Drum roll please....................................................

(not in any specific order)

Oreos n Cream

Rice Pudding

Cake Batter


Creme Brulee

Dulce De Leche

Coffee n Cream

I really love this place. There was a time I used to eat it everyday. I am a bit better now, probably more like 3 times a week. One annoying thing is that I noticed the quality and service vary a lot throughout the different Tasti D Lites (there are like 1,000 in NYC). The one closest to my apt is very clean and nice but the servers all have attitudes. I yelled at them once and said come on guys, you serve ice cream (sort of) for a living, be happy, smile, you are making people happy and probably lots of money while doing it. They laughed and gave me a hint of a smile. Ever since they have been a bit nicer.


Nina said...

This blog would be a great addittion to the NY Post website.

Nina said...

I love tast i also...Milky Way is my favorite

I am however very upset since finding out that rainbow sprinkles have 150 calories and 7 grams of fat per 2 tablessponn servings

Anonymous said...

Hi this is Alana

Jimmies have that much fat and calories? This is upsetting...The "fake" ice cream is only good with gives it some crunch and bizzaz

Sarah said...

I for one have never had a tasti-d-lite. I live right by one and always keep walking right by it. Mostly because the homeless man smokes crystal meth on the bench outside it. I can't prove it but I am pretty positive. I am not a big ice cream person but i am tasti-d-lited to try some. Why are you not blogging on The Post?

Rori said...

Sarah good question, ask your boss, she has the power to put me on the Post.

Nina said...

read this months glamour magazine to find out that sprinkles ( aka jimmies) are more fattening and more calories than ...chocolate chips