Friday, July 20, 2007

The Birthday Meal

I am sure many of you have been checking this blog to see where I had the big birthday lunch. I have to say, I am a bit disappointed in the lack of comments on where I should have gone. I thought more people would have voiced their opinion on what would go into my stomach. Whatever.

Anyway, sorry this posting is a bit late. I was kind of out of commission for a few days but I am back and ready to conquer the chain restaurant world.

Drum roll please, on July 18th I had the pleasure of dining at Ruth's Chris Steakhouse with the Food Snob. I was so excited to try this place because I only heard good things about it.

(side note: why is it Ruth's Chris and not just Ruth Chris, Ruth's is a very hard word to say)

I was very impressed and surprised with the atmosphere here. It is much more stuffy and high class than I imagined. You really feel like you are in a very high end restaurant. We did not have a reservation and because it is restaurant week in NY we had to wait a good 20 minutes for a table which was kind of annoying because the hostess was very vague on how long it would take to be seated. Once I was seated though all my annoyances vanished. To start I had a very simple salad with a vinaigrette. It was good, but not anything totally amazing. I was also kind of surprised with the bread here. Yes, it was very good, nice and hot, crusty outside and soft inside but I expect more variety when i go to a steak place, this was kind of plain. The best part of the meal here is definitely the steak. It really is superb. I got a wonderful Filet that was almost perfect. It was so soft and delicious. The steak is cooked in a sizzling butter. I am sure it is very unhealthy but it really is wonderful. I also got mashed potato's with my entree. They were good, but not spectacular. Again, the steak is what really stands out. For dessert I got a delightful chocolate moose pie. It was a very nice way of ending a fine meal.

All and all, a great meal on a great birthday. Rain and subway explosions do not stop me!

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Food Snob approves...this place was tasty.