Tuesday, January 18, 2011

RorDawg Likes Blue Dog

I apologize a lot, mostly for not blogging enough.  So I apologize but I am back.  I figure I would start the new year of blogging by writing about my new favorite lunch spot near my new office.   My new friend told me about Blue Dog Cafe and said I would probably like it.  At first I couldn't remember the name which is kinda ironic because you would think RorDawg would remember Blue Dog but no.  I guess all those white wines are getting to my brain, or perhaps it is old age, who knows? 
There are two Blue Dogs in NYC, one on West 56th and the other on West 25th near Madison Square Park.   The atmosphere here is not like your typical NY lunch spots.  It looks like it should be in some hippie town not the middle of a bustling metropolis.  Also there is nowhere to sit which is kinda annoying.  It would be nice to take a friend here and enjoy a nice lunch but not possible with no seats. 
Everything at Blue Dog is fresh and homemade.  Pretty much the opposite of everything in my kitchen.   They have a large breakfast menu that has lots of interesting sandwiches like Nutella and Banana as well as all these fresh fruit drinks and smoothies.  I have never had any of these but I am sure they are good. 
When I go for lunch I pretty much get the same thing every time.   I get a small soup and half a sandwich.  The soups I love are all vegetarian (of course) and my favs are the minestrone, lentil and garden vegetable.  For sandwiches, I stick with two and both are fab!  My true number one is the fresh mozzarella, pesto, basil and tomato sandwich on a lovely baguette.   That is when I feel like splurging.  When I am trying to be "healthy" I get the hummus and avocado sandwich on whole grain braid.  Also delish!!!  I read some reviews on Yelp on this place and it pretty much got rave reviews overall so I am clearly not the only fan.
If you live or work by this place you should def check it out.  It is a little pricey, but whatevs.  It is worth it for the quality.

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