Monday, September 27, 2010

I Wish I Parked My Car in Harvard Yard

I am obsessed, obsessed, with all things related to Mark Zuckerberg and the background information on how Facebook started.  I read everything I can find about it (well just what is on NY Mag, Gawker and the Post - but that is a lot).  I relish stories like the one my friend Merryl told me about Zuckerberg's sister stealing all of her clothing when she was at sleep away camp. She even cut her name tags out.  Obviously the obsession has to do with the opening of The Social Network this weekend.  In honor of the opening, I decided to dedicate my post to Harvard, where clearly I should have spent more time.  Perhaps I would be Mrs. Mark Zuckerberg today, but I spent my time drinking dollar beers at Great Scott and shopping on Newbury Street. Stupid girl!  Oh if I could turn back time. I can't, even Mark can't do that, but what I can do is write about my favorite chain restaurants in Harvard Square.  So here it is!

John Harvards - A great American chain with lots of awesome salads, burgers and chicken sandwiches.  I remember very well the bread they serve before the meal was amazing.  They also have a ton of great craft beers.
California Pizza Kitchen  - who doesn't love a good gourmet pizza (see JAP chain write up below)
Bertucci's - Good Italian food, big portions, but sometimes I think I ate too much and it made me sick.
Border Cafe - This is just another name for Jose Tejas, THE BEST CHAIN EVER.  Yes they took my Nevada fake ID here, but it has been 10 years, I am over it!
Fire and Ice - This was a staple of where you would go when your parents were in town.  Now that they opened one up in the Palisades Mall, it doesn't feel as special.

I need to write a special note for a chain that is no longer there, the TGI Friday's.  They allowed me and my friends many nights of fun that included chocolate, bananas, mudslides, DJ's wanting to go to Revere Beach and if I remember correctly a fight with the Harvard Hockey Team (Mark wasn't on that, if he was, we wouldn't have fought with them).


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koniczech said...

Really? I mean i guess your blog is about chains, but Boston isn't. Apparently New York hold their chain restaurants up on a pedestal, but it's not that way in Boston.