Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Happy New Year Japs!

Happy New Year to all my Jewish friends.  In honor of the year 5771 I decided to create a list of the Jappiest chain restaurants around.  I actually can't believe it has taken me this long to create such an important list for my people .   It just dawned on me when I was getting my coffee this afternoon that it would be such a genius idea.   I ran upstairs, Macchiato in hand, and told my favorite Jap that this was going to be created as soon as possible.  Without further adieu, put down your shofar and get ready... I present to you the most Jappy chain restaurants in the USA!

1) Haru - Japs love sushi and with the many outposts in NYC, this media lunch staple is a Jap heaven!  Miso Eggplant??
2) Tasti d Lite - This sort of frozen yogurt chain really started the trend of allowing Japs to indulge in their sweet tooth.  Where else could one enjoy cookies and cream for 100 calories?
3)  Berry Wild/Pink Berry/Red Mango - I am lumping all 3 together for this list because every Jap has her fave among them.  These more natural frozen yogurt chains are all the rage.  Even mommy dawg is into them with all of their fresh fruit and other fun toppings.  I am a moochi kinda lady.
4)  Houston's - What Jappy girl doesn't love to go to Houston's?  With their array of fun salads, delicious burgers, spinach artichoke dip and now SUSHI!!  This is a Jappy must!
5)  California Pizza Kitchen - With prime spots in all of the Jappy locations (Bloomingdale's, Murray Hill, Garden State Plaza, Prudential Center, etc) it is almost by default that this chain is so beloved.  I might even consider this an old-school stomping ground.
6)  Nobu - What Jap does not dream of her honeymoon in Mykonos and dinner at Nobu or her anniversary date and the chance of spotting a celeb there in NY or LA.
7)  Chop't - A salad chain must be included and this is the one I picked.  A bit pricey, but with all the fancy, low call dressings, it is a Jappy lunch dream.
8)  Dos Caminos - This made the list over the other Mexican chains because of their small portions (those tacos are tiny) and because of their new meatpacking district location.  Ample outdoor seating, yes please!

I would appreciate comments with ones I might have missed.  I am pretty, pretty low on the Jap totem pole (if I am even on it) so any feed back would be helpful. 


Alana said...

Apparently I am only 7 on the scale! But I think those place are right up to par especially since I attend CPK almost once a week.

Jori said...

I thought you were Irish?