Sunday, January 3, 2010

Yes, I Will Pick A Bagel

I recently discovered something life changing. The bagel delivery. I can wake up with my usual weekend hangover, rollover to find my phone and within 30 minutes have a hot delicious bagel, coffee and water (sometimes a Diet Peach Snapple too) at my fingertips. With this luxury, I see no need to leave my apartment in the winter months besides maybe to buy beaded t-shirts and statement necklaces at JCrew. SandiCheeks LOVES the bagel delivery too. Probably because it proves to her just how lazy I am and its not something you can do in Rockland.
Usually I order from Bagel and Schmear (not a chain) but yesterday for some reason they were not answering their phones. After a minor cardiac arrest, I got myself together and realized they were not the only bagel place that would deliver. In fact, if my memory serves me right (and it did) there is Pick A Bagel on 23rd st and they would probably deliver to my little palace in the hill.

I used my new computer to look up the telephone number and found some reviews. The reviews said the people that answer the phone to take your order are mean so I was a bit intimated at first. But, that was not the case at all. I even asked what kind of whole wheat bagels they had, and that, that is when I found my happiness. It was almost as good as meeting a tall pizza bagel, who likes the Yankees and wants to take me to Puerto Rico for the weekend. The lady told me they had whole wheat cinnamon raisin bagels. What? I never heard of that. Umm yes I will have that.

I was quite pleased when my delivery arrived. It came pretty fast, and the bagel was huge and tasty! The coffee was also good and made the way I like it, plus with extra sweet and lows. The only down side is that they have a minimum for delivery. No biggie though, I just order Diet Peach Snapple to get to the $10.oo mark.

There are 6 Pick a Bagels all around New York City. You can stop in and try it yourself or be a lazy lard like me and have it delivered to you.

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Brian said...

I wonder if they have butternut squash ravioli...