Monday, January 11, 2010

Amber - Not My Color of Choice

Since it is so cold in NY, I really do not enjoy leaving my apartment except for work purposes or meeting my people for wine.
Good thing, pretty much every place in NY delivers.
In my old age, I have tried to acquire some sort of taste for sushi. No, I am not putting Tuna or Eel or some other weird thing in my delicate mouth, I eat what I have dubbed "Rori Sushi." What is that you might be asking yourself. Well it is strictly "sushi" only made with vegetables, shrimp and rice. Also, I refuse to put any form of seaweed in my mouth so I sub for some rice paper. I know, you are saying, Rori, that is not sushi and therefore you have no right to comment on sushi. I see your point and I don't usually agree with people. That being said, this is my blog, if you don't like my views, too bad. Go read some fancy food blog where people eat pork belly and bone barrow.
OK, back to the food. First mistake with my delivery, they forgot the edamame. That sucked, because I was really in the mood for it. They didn't charge me at least. I ordered a cucumber avocado roll and a shrimp avocado roll. Neither of them were very good at all. I was eating it, just to eat it, I really wasn't enjoying it. Especially the cucumber avocado roll. It was way heavy on the cucumber, should have had more avocado if you ask me. Also for some reason the thought of the shrimp was making me sick. Perhaps I should stick to shrimp tempura.
Amber also has a full menu of Asian cusine of non-sushi choices so maybe that stuff is better.
There are two locations in Manhattan, one in Murray Hill and one on the Upper East Side. The one on the Upper East Side has actually been featured on Real Housewives of NYC (Ramona and her husband dine there). How is that for a fact you don't need?
Anyway, the atmosphere here is really nice, trendy, for a not too expensive Asian place. They also have a nice drink menu too. I think I would give them another try if I was in the mood for a more upscale restaurant in the hill.

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Nina said...

Amber sucks...It's pricey for what you get and I don't think the sushi (fish included) or regualr food is all that