Tuesday, January 12, 2010

New Mexian Chain Opening Soon!

I interupt your online surfing for a breaking news alert.
Nina just informed me, throught an article on NYMag.com (please note, I am in no way promoting the competitor) that there is a new mexican buritto chain opening in midtown east. It is called Oaxaca. The menu pretty much looks exactly the same as Chipotle. I guess once it opens I will go and taste it to see how it compates.
Here is the link to the article to see for yourself.


Beyond that link, it was hard to find much info on the chain itself. Oaxaca is a pretty common name for Mexian joints.


Nina said...

Ok first of all here is the menu


Secondly it has grilled filet mignon..which is much better beef than chipotle or qdoba..also at first glance it seems that the calories are much lower than that of the competitiors...burritos at the other places are over 1,000 calories and seems much less here so i think this is a nice addition to manhattan

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