Monday, August 10, 2009

How Sweep It Is

Last night I was pretty sure that the headline of the Post this morning was going to be How Sweep It Is. I was wrong, but in honor of the 4 game Red Sox sweep this weekend I will be blogging about the Hard Rock Cafe in Yankee Stadium. I have been a few times now for drinks and on my most recent visit some chicken fingers (obvi).

The Cafe is located in the stadium near Gate 6 on the ground floor. You don't need a ticket to go in which is very nice. Most of the times I am here, I am surprised how not crowded it is. It is not a huge place, most other Hard Rocks are much larger, but I figure the rent in the most prime South Bronx real estate must be quite high. The bar has your standard drinks, which is nice because if so some reason you want a Malibu Bay Breeze before the game, you don't feel like a tool ordering it here as you might at Stan's. That being said, if you actually did order a Malibu Bay Breeze and you are not 55+, you are a tool, actually, who am I to judge, drink what you want.
I really like the ambiance here. The Rock N Roll memorabilia on the wall is all related to NY or the Yankess. For example, the picture above with 50 in his Yankee hat.
The last time I was here I was with one of my most loyal chain of food readers, Brian. After the game we decided to let the crowds get on the subway and have a post win cocktail. Even though I ate in the Stadium we decided to get chicken fingers with multiple dipping sauces. They were excellent! Much better than anything you could get in the stadium (well maybe in the Legends seats, but I am not that fancy). The buffalo sauce was hot and the honey mustard was delicious. It was also a nice sized platter. The only annoying thing about the place is that the calorie count is listed on everything. Seeing how the chicken fingers had less calories than all of the salads on the menu was enjoyable though.
Next time I am here I would like to have a full meal, probably a hamburger or chicken sandwich with Swisher. That would be fun!

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