Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Whole Lotta Love

There has been a whole lot of interntal debate about whether Chain of Food should include Whole Foods in it's marvelous blog. Clearly, by reading this posting, you'll realize that a decision was made. Let's write about it. It is too good to ignore!
While primarily a supermarket, most Whole Foods also include giant premium hot and cold food bars and options like sushi, pizza and hot entrees. It is really a foodies paradise. Walking in, one might get overwhelmed with all of the options. Sandi Cheeks for example, never knows what to do when she walks inside and usually ends up with a tuna sandwich. Then she sees me eating my feast and is alway so shocked on how I was able to navigate this food jungle.
Because of all the options, I head straight to the hot and cold bar. I am really bad at making decisions like do I wear a one shoulder dress on friday night or my black tank dress? These types of decisions keep me up at night tossing and turning. That's why I love a food bar so much! So many options - you can get everything! Actually, what bar don't I love?
Some of my favorite items are the chicken masala, which is pieces of chicken in an Indian sauce, the cranberry cous cous, eggplant parm, pesto tortillini, hummus and my most favorite........... the seasame tofu! OMFG, it is fabulous! It is the reason I am so in love with tofu. It tastes better than chicken here, which is a lot coming from the chicken finger queen!


Brian said...

I don't only loathe grocery shopping, I loathe the idea of grocery shopping - except when Whole Foods is the destination. I can get lost in a Whole Foods, and it'll be the most therapeutic thing I did all day. (I actually did get lost in the Austin Whole Foods, the country's biggest).

I love Whole Foods' Japanese bars - their unagi teriyaki bowls, in particular, are fantastic. Their smoothies are first-rate, their service is only rivaled by Trader Joes', and their organic selection is a foodie's dream.

My only quibble: How can the Whole Foods in Manhasset, New York not sell pastrami?? Manhasset may be the epicenter of Long Island Jewishness - and that's saying something. I complained to the manager there, noting the dense Jewish population and how pastrami-on-rye is a staple of my people. I mentioned that even the Whole Foods in Henderson, NV had it. All he could was shrug.

At least the Manhasset Whole Foods sells Jewish Light Rye...

Anonymous said...

OMG, you are too much.
Have you tried the sesame tofu. I bet it is better than your pastrami

Brian said...

I've never liked tofu. Then again, I've never had sesame tofu - or any tofu from Whole Foods.