Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Baja Fresh - Finally

Hola, so I finally did it. I treked on over to the east side from my office to check out the new Baja Fresh in ManHatTan. I know I should have gone sooner as I promised I would but at least I went! I am over the disappointment of the Post not using me in their Baja Fresh article and spoke to the editors to make sure that does not happen again.

One of Chain of Food's most loyal readers, Sarah, is leaving this great city to make her mark in DC. We met back when we were wee bit interns for Fox News (and one WWJD's roomate in college). Clearly, she is a smart girl because she loves da blog and da chain and was so enthusiastic about the Baja opening. To celebrate her big move we decided to get lunch at Baja Fresh, since DC is where I learned about its wonderfulness.

As expected it was awesome. Not too busy, boys with suits, and the amazing salsa bar. I saw a new addition to the bar, the mango salsa, very nice. I went with my old standby the Chicken Mexicano Burrito without the beans. Sarah got a Shrimp Diablo Burrito, very exotic. Both of us were happy and extremely stuffed after our meal.
Anyway, nice to have it in NY. More are opening soon so all New Yorkers can enjoy Da Freshness!!

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Brian said...

This post reminds me: Rori, you have to check out Green Cactus, a chain of 8-10 burrito joints on Long Island. (Yes, you'd have to navigate east of the city, which I know you're loath to do). Fantastic Mexican food - and it isn't greasy.