Friday, October 26, 2007

CPK For Your Catering Needs

As a professional person living in the Big Apple sometimes I need to cater food for meetings. Usually I go to all those standard city deli places but I had a big meeting so I wanted to try something new. I figured, I should go chain, I mean really if anyone is going to cater food for a big meeting from a chain, it better be me.

I decided on California Pizza Kitchen because I thought it would be perfect. I could get lots of salads and pizzas and everyone could try lots of new and tasty dishes.

They do not really have a catering department so you pretty much have to order the food the day of and pay a delievery fee. That is not such a big deal. I think it was worth it to try something new for my people. The one thing that really shocked me though was that they did not have plates, yup no plates. They had forks and napkins but no plates. CPK, if you are reading this, buy plates please.

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Brian said...

Even with no plates, I'm sure everyone enjoyed the meal. You can never go wrong with CPK.