Sunday, October 21, 2007

Del Frisco's - Now That Is What I Call A Restaurant


I am so sorry it has taken me so long to post again but I have been a little busy. It is not an excuse but I promise I will never keep all my loyal readers waiting this long ever again.

Anyway I figure my for my fall debut I better write about something good, something really good.

This weekend I was fortunate enough to dine at Del Frisco's to celebrate my favorite persons birthday. The food is really outstanding. With all of the great steakhouses in NYC, this one really stands out. Lucky for me it is located right next to my office so I could literally go everyday if I wanted to, but that might make me really obese.

The ambiance of this place is outstanding. When you walk in here you know you are at a classy steakhouse and are in for a good meal. Big windows, dark woods and an imposing staircase are what catch your eye. The bread here is average. It is just a hot Italian loaf with butter. I mean it is tasty but for a steak place I usually like those bread baskets with lots of breads to chose from. For starters I had the onion rings. They were those huge onion rings lightly dusted with just the right amount of pepper for perfect flavoring. They also have nice salads to start. The house salad comes with bacon and I think that is pretty cool.

So of course the most important part of the meal here is the steak. I got the 8oz filet and I can not remember a better steak. It was perfect! Cooked the way I like it and with lots of flavor. The sides here were also wonderful. The one that stuck out as one of the greatest things I ever put in my mouth was the sweet potato casserole which was really sweet potato mashed potatoes. Really words do not describe how delicious this side was. It is not on the menu, it is a special, but really it should always be on the menu. We also got the sauteed potatoes and onions. These were like those fresh cut potato chips. I was not expecting that from the description but they were still really good, I think just a bit overshadowed but the goodness of the sweet potatoes though.

Sadly, I did not have room for dessert but I am sure they are delicious.

A great thing about this place is their business lunch. For 30 bucks you can get an appetizer, steak and dessert. That is incredible. I will surely start taking my clients here for special occasions.


steve said...

The Ribeye was amazing at Del Frisco's.

Nina said...

Happy Birthday Steve