Wednesday, August 1, 2007

Ruby Tuesday's Great Bar (Salad Of Course)

I recently went to Ruby Tuesday's and I have to say I was quite impressed. I used to love going to this place with my hetero-lifemate back when I was in college but since then I kind of forgot how good it is. Lucky for me, I was reunited last weekend.

No, this is not a Cheesecake Factory, Houston's kind of place, not at all. I would compare it more to a Friday's or an Applebee's.

The best thing about Ruby Tuesday's is definitely its salad bar. It is a vast bar of great options. I am really not a huge vegetable fan and I was still was able to find many things that I like. They had every kind lettuce to choose from. On my salad I got crasins, sunflower seeds, some yummy brown croutons. cous cous, cucumbers and edamame. I love that they had edamame. It was so trendy of them. For my dressing I got a low fat balsamic that was quite tasty. If you are normal and actually eat veggies they have lots of options for you as well as some fun pasta salads. They only thing missing from this salad bar was chocolate pudding and pineapple chunks. Back in the day I am pretty sure both of these things were on the bar.

A great feature of this place is that you can get some food options with your salad bar at a reasonable price. For example you can get the salad bar and then two mini burgers and fries for 9 bucks. That is great! I got a delicious White Bean Soup and the salad bar for around $8.50. I think that is a great deal.

Of course the menu is not just the salad bar. They had lots of great appetizers like Spinach Artichoke Dip, Thai Shrimp, Dumplings and Quesidillas. The that stuck out to me were the shrimp and salmon dishes as well as the multiply hamburger choices. What is most impressive is that they serve whole wheat buns on the burgers. Really, every place should do that, it is very smart.

Overall, I think this is a great chain. One is opening up very soon in Times Square and I hope to go there a lot! If you are lucky, maybe I will take you. We can sing some Rolling Stones songs along the way. Goodbye Ruby Tuesday. Who Could Hang A Name On You? When You Change With Every New Day Still I'm Gonna Miss You.


Nina said...

indeed we did love that salad bar at the ghetto ruby tuesday next to the ghetto mall in watertown ( i think that is what it was called)

i can't believe they dont have your chocolate pudding anymore

(Rori used to mix chocolate pudding and sunflower seeds and I thought it was gross but the chocolate pudding was awesome)

all of their food is sister lived above one in Baltimore and it was really a delight

their diet coke is also much better than normal..sort of like mcdonalds diet coke

this is a total winner and i love that it will be across the street from the Red lobster in times square

food snob said...

I remember was one of the few chains we had in NEPA back in the day. We have more now since we have the Arena, but this is still a good standby. I am really curious to go back...maybe in Times Square when it opens. Hahaha..yeah right. No chains in Times Square for me.

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Maree said...

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