Monday, August 20, 2007

Bergen County Restaurant Row - Keep Them Coming

The second of the Northern Bergen County Restaurant Row opened last week. I of course ran over to check it out and I was very pleased. PF Changs opened its doors and from what I saw things were going very well. On Saturday night it was packed. I was lucky enough to get a reservation. The food was like always amazing and the staff was very attentive. This is a wonderful addition to Bergen County. I can not wait for the next one to open!
I think if the Sopranos were still on the air there would definitely be an episode about Tony eating at PF Changs. As king of Bergen County I doubt he would have to wait.


steve said...

PF Changs is the best chain around!

Rikin said...

Never seen Tony, I mean Mr. Gandolfini eat Chinese before... sounds like a good idea to me!

Jesse said...

The Mu Shu Chicken is off the hinges. Get them to wrap it up burrito style for you.

That right there is a tasty treat.