Monday, June 4, 2007

McDonalds in the Holy Land

So I have this thing. Whenever I travel abroad I have to try the McDonalds. I like to see what different foods they offer. For example some serve pizza and food that is favorable in that country. For example, in Greece they served Gyros. Anyway that kind of annoys me. I mean if you want a Gyro go to a real Gyro place. Let McDonalds focus on Big Macs.
So usually I think that the McDonalds in other countries is better than it is in the US. Nope, not the case in the Holy Land. I got my standard, chicken nuggets and french fries. It was just kind of bland. I think that the US must add more grease or something. I was not impressed yet it was still the best meal I have had thus far.
Some of the unique things that they had on the menu though was this pita pocket of a hamburger. Nobody on the line ordered it. They also offered lots of salads that were different than the ones in the US. You could tell the people what you wanted in your salad like tuna or chicken. They also had walnuts and I love walnuts so I thought that was cool.
Anyway, not so impressed my Israeli McDonalds. I saw a Sbarro on the road. Maybe I will come across it again and will be able to try it.

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