Thursday, June 14, 2007

The Chains of Israel

I am back from the desert with information on what chains are in Israel.
I have to say that my 10 days in Israel were the worst 10 days of eating I have ever experienced. I actually think I was mal nourished. Unfortunately I was forced to eat mass produced hotel food for the majority of my trip so I could not really sample the cuisine but I did see lots of chains. The one that I was most surprised to see was the Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf in Tel Aviv. Of course I was unable to go in because I was not allowed to leave the group of 19 year old brats (some exceptions of course). Anyway just the sight of it really made me happy.
Other chains were McDonalds (see below for information), Burger King, KFC, Sbarro and Dominos. Mostly fast food of course.
There was also a Niki Beach in Eliat. They have these in Miami, NYC, France and there was once one in Atlantic City. I went here for a drink when I was allowed an hour to leave the group and was really disappointed. The drink was so strong it was undrinkable even for me. Also it took 30 minutes to get a menu and they tried to rip us off on the bill. Not cool!
Anyway I am glad to be home so I can feast again on chains galore!


Nina said...

Im so happy my hetero is home..i mean relaly ror do not leave me again...12 days is a very long time!

They have Nikki Beach in Puerto Vallarta and Cabo San Lucas Mexico as well... I cannot beleive there was a drink too strong for you to drink!

did you try sbarro or any of the other chains?

the Mc Donalds in London was pretty kick-ass remember?

steve said...

The food was so bad that anything I eat from now on will be amazing.

Tayn said...

and remember how the stupid waiter from Nikki Beach didn't even bring me RUM with my coke? does he not realize I don't drink anything unless there's alcohol in it? haha

Tayn said...

shit, rori in case u don't know...and i don't know why u would....this is name says tayn cause that's what my friends called me when i first signed up with blogger. haha, hope i didn't freak u out.