Saturday, November 6, 2010

With The Seven, Seven-Eleven, Seven-Eleven Seven Even Back do Lil Joe

Today was a good day.  There is a new chain opening up in the Hill they call Murray and not just any chain but a mega chain.  On 28th street there will now be a 7-Eleven.  Yup the Big Gulp is coming to the hood.  I actually have mixed feelings about this.  Part of me sees this becoming a homeless hangout. Also, I don't think I would ever eat any of their hot food.  It totally grosses me out, probably as much as when I see hot dudes dating ugly girls or obnoxious Mets fans or hippie liberals.  Also, I don't like Slurpees.  Icee drinks should not be carbonated.  But, there is also a part of me that is kind of excited.  7-Eleven reminds me of high school and I love being nostalgic.  I remember going there all the time to get their  iced coffee coolata kind of drink.  I can also see myself enjoying all of the beverage options.  For example, I imagine them having every flavor of Diet Snapple and Vitaminwater Zero.  What a treat!

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That sounds like a fantastic idea.