Monday, May 10, 2010

Pita Grill is Pita Good

Anyone that lives in NYC knows Pita Grill.  It really is a staple of NYC eating and I am shocked that I have not written about this grill sooner.
I became a fan of this restaurant when it opened up it's Murray Hill location a few years ago.  Everything in the restaurant revolves around, you guessed it, a Pita.  They have various sandwiches served on a pita, platters that include pita and sides where you can dip your pita.
I have a few favorite go-to's here.  For sandwiches I enjoy the Thai Chicken Lite, which is a delicious piece of grilled chicken, lettuce, onions and tomatoes, I get it without the tomatoes obvi and a lite thai peanut sauce.  What I also have been doing lately is adding hot sauce to the equation.  Another sandwich that I like is the Hawaiian Pita, you can get it with Steak or Chicken.  Both are good.  The only bad thing about their sandwiches is that they can be rather messy to eat because a lot of the time the food falls out of said Pita.
When I am on the hungrier side, I get the platters.  All sandwiches can also be platters.  The platters include rice and veggies, but the great part is that you can substitute one of those for hummus.  I sub the veggies for the California Hummus which is excellent.  They add cilantro to it which gives it a fun kick!
I also really like the Pita Salad.  It is what one might refer to as a "Rori" salad.  It comes with craisins, chicken and grilled eggplant.  It is also served with feta cheese, but I HATE feta so I order it without the cheese.  Another menu option here are the rice bowls.  Cousin usually gets that and it looks delicious.  It is essentially a big bowl of rice and salad all mixed together.  Next time I go to Pita Grill I will try this.  They also have paninis but I think if you are at Pita Grill you shouldnt get a panini, save that for somewhere else.
One thing kinda annoying about Pita Grill is that because it is so good, if you dont place your order before you arrive you probably will have to wait a good 15 minutes or so for it to be ready.  Not a huge deal but good to note.

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