Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Pizza in a Cone - Hellz Yeah!

I do not usually like to reference the enemy,, but they do have a lot of good articles about new restaurants opening up.
When I saw this one I had to write about it.
K!Pizzacone just opened up in midtown Manhattan today. It is on 33rd and 5th in that no-mans land near the Empire State Building. My fav cuz lives around there so I perhaps will take him on date here.
K!Pizzacone is actually pizza in a cone like shape. I belive a lot of my friends gave up pizza for lent. Good thing I am a jew and don't have to do things like that.
Anyway, what is awesome about this place is that you get to pick what you what in your pizzacone. They have two sauces types, tomato and pesto. I would get pesto (obvi), mozzerella cheese, garlic and maybe chicken. They also have standard choices as well. I am picky so I would pick my own.
I doubt this is as good as a NYC slice, but it is a fun concept that is a welcomed in NYC.
Please comment if you have tried this yourself. I am really interested in how it is.


cousin said...

I have walked by this place daily and must say I am not interested. It sounds pretty gross to me. As a Staten Island native I am offended by their attempt to take a classic like the pizza slice and try to change it. If it aint broke dont fix it and get outta my hood cause we dont want you!

Nina said...

I think it looks yummy I would take a walk with you and Reggie to get that