Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Mesa Grill - Super Chill

It turns out pretty much every time I have a client lunch the topic of my blog comes up. Probably because it is so freaking rad, everyone around me always wants to talk about it.
Today I went with my girl TSwan and a new client to Mesa Grill. It was my second time there. The first time was for brunch a couple of years ago, but I cant remember what I had to save my life.

Today when I went I was pleasantly surprised with the Grill. The ambiance is lovely and is located in one of my favorite neighborhoods in NYC, 5th Ave - Flatiron.

I started with a salad which was by far the weakest part of my meal, Sophie's Chopped Salad. Not sure who Sophie is, but we sure have different taste in salad. There was no description on the menu so I figured it was just lettuce and some veggies chopped up. Plain and simple, nope not at all. It was filled with all types of beans, olives, tomatoes, cheese and just a little bit of lettuce. Others might like it, but not for me.

For my entree I got the shrimp tacos and they were AWESOME!!! It was a relatively small size, 8 little shrimp, 2 tortillas, slaw and three spreads, a green salsa, some yummy yellow sauce and guac! Even though I thought the portion was kinda small, it actually filled me. The shrimp and all the accompaniments were just delicious. I really could not ask for more.

I didn't get dessert but I did get a cappuccino that was perfect. It really hit the spot.

My dining companions also seemed happy with their choices. They got Tuna Nachos that got good reviews, a burger that looked huge and delicious and a fancy Cobb salad.

Sadly, there were some stomach aches after, but that is just par for the course sometimes my friends.

Good job Bobby Flay, my crush on you will continue!


Brian said...

It's a lively scene for a restaurant and there are plenty of options. But I found the prices inflated - high $20s for a just-better-than-average roasted chicken? So you're paying as much for the setting as the food.

Granted, that may not be true for the Mesa Grill in New York - I've only been to the Mesa Grill in Vegas, at Caesars.

Quick question to all your chain-ers: Have any of you tried Bobby's Burger Palace? There's one at a mall on Long Island. Is it worth trying out?

Lara @ GoodCookDoris said...

Brian - I tried BBP at Mohegan Sun and really enjoyed it. Loved all the options, fries, and shakes. Fun option - crunchify your burger w/ potato chips.

Liz said...

so, you consider this a chain? I think that salad sounded pretty good!

Rori said...

I guess bc I go with work I dont really look at the prices too much. All of these types of restaurants are kinda insane. My shrimp tacos were $17. That is over $2.00 a baby shrimp.

I never tried Bobby's Burger Place yet, uty my family did and didnt love it. They arent that adventerous though.

Tara said...

Yes, a little pricey but really good. I love Bobby Flay's restaurants. It was a great place to take a fun client. The tuna tacos for an appetizer were sooo good! Loved the different types of breads too. Would definitely go back.