Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Fig & Olive - A Fine Establishment

Do not worry, I suck so much at my New Years Resolutions that I will no longer bore you with them at all anymore. Instead, I will share with you the glorious restaurant that I have been dining at frequently with some of my favorite ladies.....Fig & Olive.

Fig & Olive is a chain, with three locations in NY. One on the Upper East Side, one in midtown -hollah midtown and one in the meatpacking district, right near my girl Whitney's office (DVF).

I have been to the midtown and meatpacking locations and both have a very upscale, yet comfortable vibe. The food here is Mediterranean with, you guessed it, an emphasis on olive oil.

To start your meal you get bread and a trio of oil for dipping. They told us where they were from but I was not paying attention, I am pretty sure I heard Spain for one of them so I of course decided that was my favorite. The first time I went I was with Brookie Cookie and Jordy Wordy. The queen of Garden City(which is a chain mecca) was a bit late so Cookie and I thought it would be best to polish off a bottle of red before our little lacrosse star arrived. I love seeing Cookie drink like me, reminds me of why I love her so much.

Now this place really had Jordy written all over it. Kinda of like Talbots. I bet she was shocked that I liked it so much. She thinks I only like places like Cheesecake Factory or McDonalds. She is wrong. Fig & Olive is so a Rori place.

To start our meal we got a trio of crosstinis. I loved them!! My two favorites were the mushroom one and the shrimp and avocado one. We also got this fabulous zucchini carpaccio. It was light and delicious. It was probably my favorite thing we ordered. I bet the girls probably wanted something like the tuna carpaccio, but too bad, Rori does not eat tuna. I let them get some cheeses, I was not allowing tuna as well. Another dish we ordered that was a real home run (I am excited for baseball to start so I am already using baseball terms) was the eggplant & sundried tomato. It was just extremely tasty. I know I said I would not talk about my New Years Resolutions but you can probably see that this place is pretty healthy and you could keep your New Years Oprah Resolutions here.

The second time I went I brought Jennifer and Nina. I just knew they would like it as much as I did. To switch things up a bit I decided to order a bottle of Savignon Blanc. We never drink that kind but the description sounded wonderful and it was! I never pick a good bottle so I was giddy with glee that I finally did. With these girls we ordered the crostinis again and the chicken samosas. Our waiter, who sucked big time, recommended them. They were just Ok. For entrees, Jen got a salad (no shock there) but it looked really good and was a nice, big portion. I made Nina share the mushroom pasta dish with me and it was awesome!!! I saw other people eating it the first time I was here and I was drooling so I decided that my hetero must share it with me.
I really think this is a great place to go with your girlfriends for good wine and good fun! I do not see it as a place for dudes but that is just my opinion. I see a lot of potential for this place and can see it expanding to cities like Boston and LA in no time.


Jori said...

Much to your chagrin, I have never shopped at Talbots.

I will bite my tongue on the "Forever 21" joke..

Merryl said...

One of my favorite restaurants!! Happy to see your positive review!

(I think this is my first time commenting!!! Maybe the first of many...)

Nina said...

Sorry i am so late to comment...yes this place rocks...that pasta was awesome...when i went back (less than a week later) I got some cheese and fig stuff that was AWESOMENESS.... I liked the chicken samosas alot!...that make a mean dirty martini...perfect for when you quit your job of 2.5 months

Our waiter really did blow big time

Anonymous said...

I too loved this place. The salad was really good. I'm glad Nina liked the dirty martinis because next time I go back I am going to order one. At a place called Fig and Olive, you gotta go with the Dirty Martini.

Anonymous said...

Just thought you'd want to know they have opened a Kona Grill here on the westside of Richmond. Can't wait to try it!