Friday, January 2, 2009

The Best Chain Moments of 2008

Happy 2009! I am very excited for the New Year. I have a lot of resolutions and so far I have not been able to keep any of them. One of my most important resolutions (besides losing weight, drinking less, not having an attitude, not associating with anyone that looks like Seth Rogen and running more) is blogging more often. I have this dream of the Food Network or Travel Channel contacting me after reading my blog and offering me my own show where I travel to different chains across the world and sample all of the delicious food. Essentially it is the blog, but in a TV show. I watch that Anthony Bourdain show and the dude has a total attitude and gets all excited about sucking the fat out of a shrimp head. Really hot shot, there is no way that is good. Freakin eat an awesome chicken parm hero, that is good. Fat out of a shrimp head, not good. Anyway, I digress. I am pleased to present to you, my picks for the best chain restaurant moments of 2008. Drum Roll please...........

5) The opening of Sinigual in midtown Manhattan. This is a great addition to midtown. I ate here with ex-boss just a few days before he quit and then had a lovely meal here once with my family. It was one of the only times King Brett was happy with one of my food choices.

4) Discovering my love of Pret a Manger. I do not really like anything French besides fries, the architecture and half of Jen Roy, but I love Pret a Manger. It is awesome that right across from my office I can run and get a delicious sandwich and soup for under 500 calories (this will fit in very well on my New Years Resolutions).

3) Exploring the chains of LA. Oh LA, how I love thee. At first I was daunted by your traffic, smog and girly men, but now I get it. You rock, the weather, palm trees, abundance of D list spottings and array of chains make you one of my favorite cities. I was able to discover new gems like Katsuya and Urth Cafe as well as indulge in some of my old favorites like Baja Fresh, Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf and In n Out Burger.

2) Bennihana. What a fun, delicious place and in 2008 I finally tried it. My only wish was that I tried it sooner.

1) McDonalds in Spain. This was actually the only time I had McDonalds this year. Can you believe it, I only ate at my favorite restaurant once this year, I must have will power. I can still taste the wonderful chicken nuggets and french fries I enjoyed after wandering the streets of Madrid. I would do anything to go back there!

So there it is, the best chain moments of 2008. If you have some you think I may have forgotten, please feel free to write about them.


Nina said...

How about worst chain moments of 2008???

I think you're tv show would be most like Man Vs. Food

Another resolution is to attend the Nathan's hot sog eating contest and hook you up with Eater X

Brian said...

I love Bennihana, Gasho of Japan et al. Never got tired of hibachi theater.