Wednesday, October 29, 2008

All I Am Saying is Give Peace A Pizza A Chance

Yesterday I had the pleasure of spending the day in lovely Villanova, PA, which was infiltrated by OBAMA. I never have been to Villanova before because I had enough of that atmosphere in my high school, I did not see the need to keep it going in college. Change is good. Anyway, it was pretty much what I expected.

For lunch during my trip the girls that I was with said we had to go to Peace A Pizza. I was not really excited because I assumed that a pizza place in Pennsylvania was going to be pretty weak with little options (kinda like every bad pizza place in Boston - the pizza would taste like cardboard and sauce). You know what happens when you assume something......

Anyway, the second I walked in, I knew I was in for something special. Yes the name might be the most cheesy name for a pizza place ever but it was a theme and I like a theme.

The focus of this place is as expected, pizza, but not just any kind of pizza, gourmet pizza by the slice. How genius! A lot of places claim to be gourmet but by the slice they only offer 3-4 choices. To really go gourmet you have to order a pie which is hard because people like different things. For example some people like socialism, some people don't.

So highlights of the pizza menu in my opinion are the Caribbean Chicken, Chicken Parm (a best seller), Pesto Chicken, (girlfriend loves herself some pesto), Baked Ziti (another best seller), Chicken Fajita, Mac n Cheese, Honey Lime Chicken and Eggplant Parm.

They also have lots of great salads and that is what I went with (editors note: when placing my order I had no idea this was a chain, the revelation came when I said, wow this place is good I wish I was a chain and my friends chimed in, ummm yeah it is, they have locations around South Jersey and Penn, ummm you should have told me that sooner because I would have ordered pizza so I could review it). I have to say though, I was really happy with my big salad choice because it was delicious! It was a Caribbean Chicken Salad that contained pears, raisins, almonds and nice hot chicken in a sweet honey lime dressing, which prob had more calories than if I just had the pizza, but whatever. Other salads that look delicious to me were the Thai Chicken Salad, Granny Smith Delight and Orange Nut N Honey Chicken. The salads come with a delicious garlic breadstick.

A great option here is that you can get a small salad with a slice of gourmet pizza. If they had a Peace A Pizza in NY I would probably get that a lot. Thinking about it, Peace A Pizza would fit in very well underground in the Rockefeller Center concourse. Perhaps I will open one??

The hidden gem here is the dessert restaurant adjacent to the pizza place. It is called Hope's and I must say that if everyone ate the cookies that they serve freshly baked there is Hope that there would be peace in this crazy world. I went with the standard sugar cookie with rainbow sprinkles because I am a rainbow sprinkle kind of girl. It was outstanding!! Soft and delicious. I also had a piece of Snickerdoodle that was spectacular. They have ice cream and yogurt too but because it was a monsoon out, ice cream really was not doing it for me.

In closing, this place totally rocked and I hope that they expand up north and bit, if not NYC at least the suburbs.



Anonymous said...

Yum, I've had Hope's cookies! They are good! You can order them by mail, too...did you know??-JR

Anonymous said...

Rordawg -
I am so excited about this. Peace a Pizza was our favorite place for late night or anytime pizza at Delaware. I had no idea it was a chain...just thought it was a little hippy pizza place since thats what just about every other place in Newark, Delaware was!