Friday, May 9, 2008

Wagamama - Ummm Not My Mama

Guess who is back???????????????????????

Yup I am back! Sorry I have been away so long. There is no excuse so I am not going to give one. Instead I will just try to blog more often. I hate to debut on a negative note BUT someone in my office just came back from Europe and reminded me of this terrible, terrible chain. When I went to London everyone I know told me that I just had to go to Wagamama because I would love it so much. It sounded like the perfect place for me, an Asian noodle shop that was a chain. I was so excited to try it. Anyway, it sucked. Nothing about this place was good. The ambiance is very cold and uninviting. I had to wait in line to sit at some communal table. I hate communal tables. Actually if i was sitting at a communal table with like 15 hot guys maybe I would like it. Weird couples devouring gross noodle soup, not so much. I do not remember what I ordered exactly but I remember not eating it because it was so so so bad. My hetero lifemate Nina was with me and she did not eat hers either. In fact, when we were done we had to go to another restaurant to get dinner. All I remember was gross things floating everywhere in my bowl.

Now these restaurants are everywhere in England and have spread throughout most of Europe and the Middle East. They have even made their way to our shores opening two locations in Boston. Boston does have the worst Chinese food ever, but still, it is better than this crap. I do not understand the phenomenon at all. Open more Baja Freshes and close these bad boys down.


Nina said...

Umm yes I agree with was disgusting and he had to go eat fried chicken sandwhiches after because it was so gross....cup of noodles is much better than this crap

Jordan said...

I have missed your blog. You are brilliant. This is my least favorite place in the world -- nothing worse than "noodles" floating in gelatinous broth. Hi Nina.

bj.emerson said...

I’m doing a Top 10 List for our blog of customer quotes and wanted to get your permission to use the following from your 7/11/07 posting:
"There was a time I used to eat it everyday. I am a bit better now..."

I would include a link to the quote. Feel free to email me directly

Once I get permission from all of the customers, you will be able to find our blog here:


Nina said...


Tasti D Light RULES!!!!

Rori said...


That is so awesome. You can use my quote. It would be great if you could link my blog from your site.

Thanks so much. Let me know when it is published.