Saturday, February 2, 2008


Hello - what an amazing Superbowl we are going to have this year. It will be a showdown between the awesome, shy, awkward Eli Manning and the Hollywood Playboy, babies daddy, flower holding Tom Brady. Giants need to win. We need to show New England they are not the only place in the northeast that can win championships anymore. Do it for the Yankees, Red Sox suck!!
So in honor of this historic game I am giving you my list of best chain sports themed restaurants.

1) ESPN Zone - this is the mecca and the best. I love their salads, spinach artichoke tip and chicken sandwhiches. Their TV's are awesome and I like that the waitstaff has their favorite sportsteam on their name pins.

2) 40/40 Club. Party like a rap star!!! With locations in NY, Atantic City and the fabulous Palazzo in Las Vegas, Mr. Jay Z has created a nice chain for himself and Miss Knowles. I never actually ate here but I have drank here. Drinks are expensive but the atmosphere is awesome and there is a special Arod room, that is hot.

3) Champs - I only went once but I was very impressed. Good food and ambiance for watching sports.

4) Jocks and Jills - Has a neighborhood feel (read my post about it a few entries below).

5) Fox Sports - Hah, you think I need to place this higher because I work for Rup. Umm no, that is what you get for endorsing BHO.

A lot of athletes like Shula & Marino have opened sports bar like chains, I notice a lot of them in Florida. Once I move down there and fulfil my dream of being a gym teacher in Boca I will write all about them.


Brian said...

Where does Jillians/Dave & Busters rank, Rori? I've never been to a chain sports bar/club more electric on a Sunday afternoon than the Jillians (now Dave & Busters) in Boston behind Fenway on Landsdowne. And the food is pretty damn good there.

There is one drawback, of course: All those snotty Pats fans.

Brian said...

I take that previous statement back. I would have LOVED to have been with all those arrogant Pats fans yesterday. Their bitterness would have made our championship that much sweeter. (I'm not complaining).

Rori said...

I didnt include Dave and Buster's and Jillian's because I felt you go to those places to play games not watch them.

Anyway, what a game!!!!!

Nina said...

I think Nina's apt has the best food..

Brian said...

Not that you're biased or anything, Nina... :-)

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