Tuesday, December 7, 2010

To Veg or Not to Veg

I have something very shocking and important to share with all of my dedicated readers, 12 days ago I decided to become a vegetarian.  I have just been really grossed out by most meats lately that I figured it would be easier if I stopped eating it all together.  I don't even like animals, so the act of killing them is not what upsets me.  I think I dislike them so much, I don't even want to eat them. Blah!
Of course I realize what this means for the blog in that I am not sure I can fully be a trusted source of chain restaurant knowledge but I am going to give it a try.  When I think about what I am going to miss most, food at baseballs games is what I think about it.  I can't imagine seeing Jeter and not eating a hot dog at the same time.  That being said in the 12 days I have been a veggie, I haven't craved any meat.  Now I am not guaranteeing this veggie thing is permanent, but for now it is brussel sprouts and cous cous and hummus for me!
I have decided that today's post will be dedicated to the chain meat meals I will miss most (in no particular order)

1)  A hamburger from Houston's
2)  ChickenNuggies from Md Donald's
3)  Thai Chicken Pizza from CPK
4)  Filet Mignon from Del Friscos
5)  Baja Chicken Burritto from Baja Fresh
6)  Chicken Rice Bowl from Pita Grill
7)  Szechuan Beef from PJ Changs
8)  Chicken Parm from Carmines (yeah that one is really gonna hurt)  I guess I can get Eggplant Parm there but I can see this really annoying my family.
9)  Sesame Jack Chicken Strips from Friday's
10)  Meatballs, everywhere!