Sunday, June 28, 2009

The Airport Series - The Motor City

If you are one of my close friends or just read my facebook updates, you will know that I was recently stuck in the Detroit airport on my way home from LA because of Thunderstorms in NY. I wasn't really annoyed at the situation because I figured it would be a great excuse to explore the chains of an airport I would not normally go to. I have to say, I was quite impressed, they had Friday's, Caribou Coffee, Coffee Beanery, McDonalds and my choice for dinner, Ruby Tuesdays. Right off the bat, this is by far the best chain restaurant that I have ever been to in an airport. The menu is not abridged at all and they even have their famous salad bar. I was so happy. Check out my picture above, doesn't that look awesome! That is a glass of Sangria and it was on special for just $4.00! If you are ever in an airport and see a Ruby Tuesday go in, you will have a great meal!

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Nina said...

aw it reminds me of our Ruby Tuesdays dates... did they have chocolate pudding and sunflower seeds?